Austin’s Generosity Supports Over 120 Schools in Rural & Tribal India!

Austin knows how to have a good time! More importantly, we know a good thing when we see it, hear it, and experience it.  They don’t call us the live music capital of the world for nothing y’all.  The local Austin chapter of EkalVidyalaya Foundation of USA ( once again invites everyone  to come out and enjoy a mesmerizing evening of live music fused with interpretive dance.  This spring award-winning singer, percussionist, and dancer Aditi Bhagwat along with her musical ensemble tours on behalf of Ekal USA.  Aditi is  a classically trained artist who has earned numerous accolades the world over, including a highly competitive and selective US State Department Fellowship to the OneBeat Tour that cross pollinates artists from across the globe in a whirlwind explosion of sound, dance, and art!  She can match the rhythms of castanets of a flamenco dancer with her feet one moment, and then show her poise next to a ballerina on stage the next instant. She’s equally at home on the grand stages of the East and the West.  She will be accompanied by a troupe of equally renowned and decorated musicians including: Kalinath Mishra on tablaa, Gautam Sharma on percussion, Sangeet Mishra on sarangi, and Vaibhav Mankad with vocals.

Ekal is on a mission to serve 100,000 of the most under represented villages and communities throughout rural and tribal India by 2015.  As Aditi learned on her first visits, service does not mean a hand out, but rather a hand up.  By partnering with local community leaders and elders, Ekalinsures local buy-in and mind-share to foster a grassroots movement that can bootstrap itself and climb the next rung of the educational and developmental ladder.  This is why Ekal is often referred to as a people’s movement.  Austin has supported Ekal for more than 10 years, and a few years ago we formalized our commitment with the formation of an official Austin chapter led by current Chapter President Mr. Gadhia.  Mr. Gadhia said he got involved because he saw the value that education played in his life and the opportunities afforded to his children.  Mr. Gadhia wants to reach back and make sure everyone can access emerging opportunities.  Today Austin proudly supports over 2500 boys and girls who are being empowered to do even more for the next generation!

Come make a difference for our young brothers & sisters and join us all for an enchanting evening with Aditi Bhagwat and her friends at:

Avartan – A Fusion Journey of Hindustani Music and Kathak Dance
in Austin on Sat April 12th 2014  (

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