Bollywood Milestones Benefit Concert For Ekal Vidyalaya

By Dhananjay Joshi

Ekal Vidyalaya’s Austin Chapter is having our 10th Annual event on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at 5 PM at the Asian American Resource Center (8401 Cameron Road).
This year’s expanded program will begin with a social hour for all guests.

Complimentary digital portraits will be offered for attending families & friends in their festive formal attire around the patio and courtyard.

The musical portion of the program will commence a set by Raj Pandya Orchestra followed by a sumptuous banquet dinner.

The evening concludes with a second set of songs.

Raj Pandya has been performing for over 30 years.

He started playing Harmonium at the age of 5!

He has earned his Visharad in Vocals, is an All India Radio Singer & Composer, and has taught music at many large institutions.

Mr. Pandya experiments with merging Eastern & Western musical styles.

Most of the songs in Orchestra Gaandharva are composed and arranged by Mr. Pandya.

He has shared and inculcated his love for music with his family and they perform as a team everywhere.

They have performed more than 550 concerts all over the US.

Song requests (farmaish) can be made at our Facebook Event page (search for Bollywood Milestones Austin).

Ekal Vidyalaya literally translates into “One School”.

This singular focus drives Ekal Vidyalaya teachers, students, and volunteers to serve the mission of holistic development.

The vast majority of India continues to live in rural and tribal villages and Ekal aims to bring education to the last inquiring minds wherever they may reside.

Ekal’s goal is to reach 100,000 villages and over 2 Million children by 2016.

Rather than building classrooms, Ekal builds character, morale, and community with the One Teacher – One Classroom model.

An instructor from the area is given continuous training and support in pedagogy and best practices.

This then allows the instructor to teach the older children who will then go on to teach the younger children.

This bootstrapping model thus ensures that the village eventually becomes a self sustaining unit.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors including:

– Indus Realty
– General Agents Insurance
– Pflugerville Dental
– Gandhi Bazar

We encourage the entire Austin community to come and support this noble cause.

For volunteering opportunities please email

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