Diwali GivingFest

Hindu Charities for America strives to get the Indian community together to take responsibility to address a social issue in United Stated that has given most of us and our children a new home prosperity. Since its inception, Hindu Charities has donates school supplies to homeless and other economically disadvantaged children school supplies.  Since last year, both Indian and Jewish community is working together on this effort.

While school supplies help, to provide an opportunity to these children to get skills will help then build better lives for themselves and their families. To this end, Hindu Charities has launched a Memorial Tuition Scholarship program where the eligible kids will get $500 to $1,000 scholarships.

Diwali GivingFest is first fund raiser to help raise fund for this effort. Additionally, this gave opportunity for people to donate winter coats/blankets to refugees and gift cards to children who are in foster care.

Austin Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole was the chief guest. She also helped to get a $500 fee waiver to be used toward a scholarship.

The event, as seen, had overcapacity turnout! We so thrilled to see the participation. The event was organized by Sandhya Dittakavi of Akruti Collection and Shruti  Anand of Monsoon Dance with help of numerous people. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the program. The talent on the stage was highly skilled and professional. Many volunteers helped to execute the program. As a result of this event, over $14,000 has been raised for scholarships that will help launch the program in the Austin area.

This included proceeds from Directory of Businesses to be found at:


We hope to continue this work in Austin and bring it to other cities.

We thank our media partners Austin South Asian, TODOAustin and TVAsia to help us  make the event more complete.

Photos by: Ravi Pothukuchy and Nimish Pathak

Harish Kotecha, Founder, Hindu Charities for America

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