Vidya Balan 

Vidya Balan is super excited as her film ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ is all set to release this week. Vidya in an exclusive conversation with Bombay Times spoke about her films, life after ‘Dirty Picture’ and how she deals with criticism.

The actress shared how after reaching a certain point in your career, one gets judged on their appearance. “After having achieved so much you are eventually judged on the basis of your body.

Sharmila Tagore On Roles

Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore says more good parts should be written for women in cinema. “Somebody asked me what are my wishes. I would say that there needs to be some roles written for a person like Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Wahida (Rehman) ji and myself because Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth seems to be getting them. So, I think that needs to change,” she said while addressing an audience at Times Litfest. Sharmila Tagore talks about crimes against women with relation to imagery in cinema

Tagore said that she would like to write her autobiography but hasn’t set any deadline for that. “There is a time when you want to go back and you want to review your life, you want to look back basically. I think I want to go through that exercise,” she said. When asked about whether deteriorating image of women in cinema is contributing to rising crimes against them, she said it is easy to blame cinema.

“It is so easy to blame the image because the image is paramount. It is always larger than life and you are always creating the image. I don’t think that cinema is bigger than family as an institution. So you have to see what is happening in the society and try change that mindset,” she said.

“There is a mindset that has to be changed – the sense of entitlement of the man. That happens when you are bringing up someone. If you are going to differentiate between a boy and a girl from age zero, then he is bound to grow up with the sense of entitlement,” she added.

She feels that films like ‘Piku’ and ‘Pink’ are addressing these issues. Tagore said that amongst the current lot of actress working in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt is her favorite.

Sharukh Khan and Rehersal

Shah Rukh Khan likes to rehearse his scenes while Alia Bhatt is quite spontaneous in front of the camera and so when the two of them met on the sets of ‘Dear Zindagi’, both had something to learn from each other.

While speaking to Bombay Times, Shah Rukh Khan explained why he likes to rehearse his lines for the scene, “I just felt that I am a newcomer in this world of ‘Dear Zindagi’, the set was full of 99% women, and I have not been in such a scenario. This generation is very different from mine, so I am the newcomer here and I don’t want to let them down. So yes, I would rehearse, but with permission.

I can do a scene without rehearsing and just get away with it, especially comedy. I know that Alia is not much into rehearsing, but I would ask her to help me out as I am into a new world. Also I might sound a little patronising while saying this, but because I am working with her for the first time I wanted to know what she was doing and then suggest the way I looked at it.

I would ask her…Is it okay if I smile here, or if I look away? So we had an interesting exchange, because watching an actor and sharing that space very seldom happens as most actors are usually doing his or her thing.”

Agreeing to what Shah Rukh had to say, Alia feels that actors give their worst performance when they are only thinking about themselves in the frame and not interacting with the rest, “I have never done it because no other actor has really ever gone ahead and asked me to do it.

Only Randeep (Hooda) probably, but he would rehearse on his own. This has taught me a lot, also because this is such a natural film that we forget that we are acting. Shah Rukh has this way of using the space and props around him which looks so effortless, but it is the most difficult thing to do.

And I completely agree. I believe that the worst performance happens when actors are acting in the close ups. It is because we are only thinking about ourselves, but the moment the camera is on the both, we start thinking what the other actor is doing and start interacting.”

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