By Sumit DasGupta
AUSTIN, TX – Several Asian American organizations, led by the Asian Pacific Islander
American Public Affairs (APAPA), Network of Asian American Organizations (NAAO) and the Indian American Coalition of Texas (IACT), hosted a candidate forum onSaturday, October 1, 2016. Candidates for various positions at the city, county and state levels spoke and were interviewed at the event.

for the past two decades. He applies his 40-year experience as a businessman and entrepreneur to carefully crafting public policy knowing well how it affects the public and personal lives of the citizen in this community.

Travis County District Attorney: Ms. Margaret Moore
Ms. Margaret Moore and Ms. Maura Phelan both attended the forum as candidates for Travis County
District Attorney. The NAAO PAC endorses Ms. Margaret Moore for the position of Travis County DA. Ms. Moore brings with her an impressive resume over 30 years. In her most recent position, she served
as Assistant Attorney General and handled complex lawsuits against corporations that had exploited Texas Medicaid, diverting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars intended to fund health care for our most vulnerable citizens. She was the lead counsel in a highly significant jury trial that resulted in $180-million judgment against a pharmaceutical company. In 1980, Moore was elected Travis County Attorney. In that position, she strengthened DWI enforcement, dramatically improved the tax collection system for Travis County and played a key role in expanding the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Margaret is licensed both
in the State of Texas and in federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.

Travis County Sheriff: Ms. Sally Hernandez
Sally Hernandez is a highly gifted and qualified candidate for this position. She is a longtime Austin resident and is currently serving as Constable of Travis County Precinct 3. Throughout her campaign, she has enunciated a clear sense of vision and priorities on law enforcement that demonstrates strong empathy for the mentally ill. Hernandez has championed body cameras for her officers, in-person visitation for her inmates, and a desire to prioritize prosecution of violent criminals over those cited for petty drug possessions. She is an effective communicator and firmly believes that ICE has no space in county jails.

The NAAO PAC endorses Ms. Sally Hernandez for the position of Travis County Sheriff.

State Representative District 46: Abstain
The NAAO PAC chooses to abstain from endorsing any candidates in this race.

State Representative District 47: Mr. Paul Workman
Among the two very qualified candidates for this seat, the NAAO PAC endorses Mr. Paul Workman for reelection as State Representative for District 47. Mr. Workman has 40 years of experience in the
construction industry and brings his business savvy to his role as a state representative. Workman has been active in several civic organizations, including Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. In 2008 he served as Chairman of the Board of the Texas Building Branch of the Associated General Contractors. He believes economic expansion and natural preservation can be achieved simultaneously. He supports higher spending on education, a topic that is near and dear to all Austin citizens, particularly the Asian American community.

State Representative District 49: Ms. Gina Hinojosa

The NAAO PAC endorses Ms. Gina Hinojosa for the position of State Representative for District 49. In 2012, the civil rights attorney joined the AISD Board of Trustees in the Position 8 At-Large seat. A year later, she was voted by her fellow trustees to become board vice-president, then president in 2015. This experience gives her the unique qualification to be education’s voice on the inside, given that sweeping and much-delayed reforms are expected to be enacted by the Texas Legislature in 2017. Hinojosa is already prepared for this effort since she was part of an unprecedented coalition of trustees, districts, and chambers
of commerce in 2015 that put new pressure on the Legislature to fend off conservative initiatives to expand on charter schools and voucher programs to solve the crisis in secondary school education in Texas.

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