Solidarity With The Community After Mosque In Lake Travis Burns Down

By Sumaiya Malik
On January 15, the Islamic Center of Lake Travis (ICLT) and the Lake Travis United Methodist church gathered with community members in light of last week’s mosque fire.

The “Solidarity with the Community” event was held at the Lake Travis United Methodist Church on RR 620 in North Austin bringing in members from different religious backgrounds in the light of the mosque fire on January 7 which burned down the mosque under construction and two months from completion.

Leaders from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith shared their prayers and cast a light on understanding and brotherhood.

ICLT gave a background of the mosque under construction and the Travis County Fire Marshal updated the community about the current investigation regarding the fire.

The auditorium was packed with people of different faiths and all seats were taken.

“It’s an unfortunate event that we are gathering together on this event after the fires that affected the Islamic Center of Central Texas, but we are also really glad and overwhelmed with the support and love that we got from the community,” Rashed said.

Pastor Ray Kiser said what happened was unfortunate and as neighbors they will do all they can to help rebuild and create trust and understanding.

People from the audience wanted to know how to get to know Muslims and where they could get information.

IACT, Red Bench, CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) representatives were present and urged the audience to join those organizations where the idea of goodwill to the community is already well established.

On January fire burned down the two-story Islamic Center of Lake Travis that was under construction at the time.

Islamic The Austin Fire Department and Lake Travis Fire and Rescue responded to the fire around 3 a.m. at the 4700 block of Doss Road in Hudson Bend.

Once they arrived to the scene, fire crew discovered a three-story building fully engulfed in flames.

Crews extinguished the exterior of the building to keep the fire from spreading.

The building was still under construction for the Islamic Center of Lake Travis.

Authorities say no injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

The Islamic Center of Lake Travis held their annual fundraiser on Saturday, January 21.
They have also created a campaign and is asking for donations in hopes to rebuild the mosque.
Please donate at:

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