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1 Billion Vaccine Mark - India

NEW DELHI (IANS) – A day after India achieved the 1 billion vaccine-mark, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Oct. 22 hailed the nation for the joint efforts in achieving the target and said the post-pandemic economy of the country is bouncing back at a fast pace.

Addressing the nation, the prime minister said, “Experts and many international agencies have given a positive forecast of the Indian economy, not only India is getting record investment, but it is also creating new job avenues for the youth.”

He said, “Startups are getting record investment and they are becoming unicorns.”

He also emphasized buying local products to boost domestic manufacturers.

“Just like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which is a Jan Andolan, buying things made in India, made by Indians, being VocalForLocal, also has to be made a mass movement.”

We should insist on buying every little thing which is ‘Made In India’, and this will be possible only with our combined efforts.

Modi also hailed the nation for achieving the 1 billion-mark.

“Yesterday, 21st Oct, India has achieved the difficult but extraordinary target of 1 Billion, 100 Crore COVID19 #Vaccine doses.

This success is the success of India, success of every citizen.”

He said during the pandemic questions were raised about India’s capability and now the pharma sector has been strengthened more after this and has shown to the world what the country can give.

He said leaders from across the world congratulated India on crossing the milestone of 100 crore vaccinations, terming it a huge and extraordinary accomplishment.

But, the prime minister said that during the festivals caution should be observed and wearing masks should now be a part of life. He appealed to all citizens to get vaccinated and asked people to encourage each other.

AP adds from New Delhi: India celebrated giving its billionth COVID-19 vaccine dose Oct. 21, a hopeful milestone for the country where the delta variant fueled a crushing surge earlier this year and missteps initially held back its inoculation campaign.

About half of India’s nearly 1.4 billion people have received at least one dose while around 20% are fully immunized, according to Our World in Data.

Many of those shots have come in just the past couple of months, after the rollout languished in the first half of the year amid vaccine shortages and problems with the system for rolling them out.

The success of the campaign has been credited with driving down coronavirus cases since the devastating months at the start of the year when India was recording hundreds of thousands of infections a day, hospitals buckled under the pressure, and crematoriums and graveyards became overwhelmed.

But experts warn that India must speed up the delivery of second shots in order to ensure the outbreak doesn’t flare again.

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