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A place For Kids At ACL Fest

By Sumaiya Malik

The Khan and Durrani families have long taken their kids to ACL Festival. This year was no exception.

The kids enjoy not just Austin Kiddie Limits, but also bigger bands on stages scattered through out the park.

Every year, they have a different experience.

Zahra Durrani is a mother of two. She wrote, “Being young musicians and music lovers, our girls enjoy going to ACL like other music festivals.”

She accepted the fact that around freedom of expression and merriment there is also exposure to people experimenting with weed, but the whole experience allows families to show children “a world where grown-ups still believe in magic, play silly games, and most importantly, dance and come together with a common love for music.”

There are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned at festivals . . . Acceptance, compassion, generosity, creativity, respect, self-reliance and self-expression. You are showing children a world where grown-ups still believe in magic, play silly games, and most importantly, dance and come together with a common love for music.

Open daily both weekends, Austin Kiddie Limits is guaranteed to make kids of all ages move, groove, and sing-along. From fun, creative and informative activities to festival necessities like baby changing stations, Austin Kiddie Limits is a festival within a festival that offers families an escape from the crowds.

To make it even easier, we have a Family Friendly Entrance directly to the right of the Barton Springs East Entrance (closes at 7pm daily). Bring the kiddos through the entrance off Barton Springs Road to quickly enter the cool, shaded Austin Kiddie Limits location, or look for stroller-friendly family lanes at each of the main gates. Kids under 10 are free.

The two families visit Tag-a-Kid tent at the Family Entrance or the information tent where parents can register their kids with the festival and receive an RFID wristband.

In the event that a child is separated from their parent, we have a reliable and fast way to reunite them. That gives them the assurance that their kids will be safe. Even with this, the parents remain vigilant at the park.

“Honestly, we go every year and the kids already have a blast,” said Tashmeem Khan. She and Zahra suggested a few things for ACL going kids:

1. Best time to go with kids is around 2 p.m. after the kids have had lunch.

2. Dress in layers. This is Austin. Weekend 1 was hot and 2 cold.

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

4. Have access to one of the lounges. This gives kids a break. An adult can go get food and bring it to the lounge.

5. Best to keep kids in front of you.

6. Six hours is the maximum time kids might stay. Best to leave before the last show if kids are with you.

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