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A Virtual World To Keep Us Entertained At Home

By Sumaiya Malik Almost every other person one talks to is spending extra time in the virtual world of internet. Most conspicuous by their presence are the live conversations happening on Instagram. They seem to have taken off not just because people have more time, but also because people like to watch their favorite actors and media personalities as they spend their lives and not just tied to the script in their hand. I am no different. I complied some of the Instagram shots I took of people I am interested in. Some interestingly so appeared more than once in the past month in my live box. I have tried to just put their picture once. I realized Pakistani actor, Adnan Siddiqui, shows up quite a bit on my feed because he is most himself and has a good sense of humor. He also plays the flute! Shaniera Akram, the wife of retired Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram is a social media icon in Pakistan. She does a bunch of community work that I like. In the US, Instagram handles like @elledecor @nytimesfashion, Gweneth Paltrow, actor and business entrepreneur. And many more! Here is my list: @elarroyo_atx – Tex-Mex restaurant also known for their billboard @hiramaniofficial – Pakistani actor couple @adnansid1 – famous Pakistani actor @soniahkamal – Pakistani American fiction writer @cruzortizart – international contemporary artist @jaiwolfx – dj/musician/artist/composer @betoorouke – Democratic politician @manshapasha – Pakistani actor @adnanmalik1 – Pakistani actor/director @thepinktreecompany – Pakistani designer @freihaaltaf – Pakistani activist/CEO/Catwalk Event Productions/Model @gwynethpaltrow – US actor / entrepreneur @iamshaniera – Australian Pakistani media influencer/ wife of Wasim Akram @nytimesfashion @p_terrys – quality burgers drivethrough

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