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Corona Virus Updates From Mayor Adler

By Sumaiya Malik

Here is some Covid-19 Pandemic related news that affecting us:

1. Mayor Adler today issued an Order, focusing on making all businesses require masking (and not just having a safety plan).

2,. With more than 160 potential vaccines for COVID-19 under study, optimistic experts hope that a viable vaccine may be ready by the end of 2020. (

3. Austin ISD has planned extensively for reopening schools on Aug. 18 with guidance from state and local authorities and health officials, working to ensure that health and safety procedures are in place.

They have been using what they learned from students, staff and families to create a hybrid learning model that includes in-person and virtual learning for the fall. Our families want choice for in-person and virtual learning.

4. As UT Austin responds to the COVID-19 crisis, their goal is to reopen the Forty Acres in the fall semester, likely with some courses and activities held in person and others online as dictated by health and safety concerns. They expect to announce these plans by the end of June.

5. During its Board of Trustees meeting, Austin ISD said the maximum capacity on each general education bus this coming semester will be 12 to 14 students.

Special education buses can hold four to 10 students depending on the number of students in wheelchairs. All buses will be cleared after each trip and at the end of the day.

6. Over 6,200 cases have been reported and at least 110 people have died. At least 4,140 people have recovered from the virus. (June 22,

Stay safe. Watch local news or read the Statesman for daily updates.

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