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COVID-19 & Cyclone Amphan Relief

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”

The Dalai Lama

We at Asha For Education - Austin (AfE-A) are thankful to the community for supporting our recent relief efforts. Your generous contributions have enabled AfE-A to provide much-needed relief to our affected project partners. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown in India have threatened the livelihoods and well being of the most vulnerable sections of society in unprecedented ways. The onset in late May of AMPHAN, one of the most powerful cyclones to hit the Indian subcontinent in recent times, has exacerbated matters further. What follows is a summary of three of AfE-A’s focused initiatives to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and AMPHAN.

Fellowship Siddamma

Siddamma is a grassroots activist who has been working towards uplifting the conditions of underprivileged, native, tribal communities in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Your generous contributions to AfE-A have aided Siddamma, whom we have been working with since 2005, in providing relief to more than 2000+ families of the indigenous Irula tribe in over 75+ villages across Tamil Nadu.

These families did not have ration cards and therefore could not avail of any government relief supplies. COVID-19 had severely impacted these communities by taking away their livelihood due to state-mandated lockdowns. The 10 kilograms of rice that was provided on behalf of AfE-A to each of these affected Irula families in villages belonging to Chengalpet, Thiruvallur, Cuddalore and Vellore districts, have gone a long way in ensuring their short-term food security.

Samarth Ganjam

Samarth, a residential school for children with physical deformities and disabilities in the Ganjam district in Odisha. Its association with AfE-A started in 2020. The school empowers disabled children by providing them elementary level education and vocational training thereafter to enable their self-sufficiency. Working with Samarth’s Director, Dr. Kakala Ananda immediately after the onset of COVID-19 and related lockdowns, AfE-A helped in providing dry ration and safety kits to each of the resident children and staff families for 3 months. Shortly thereafter, the onset of AMPHAN severely damaged the roofs of the school and the physiotherapy unit, which serve over 200 students and patients. AfE-A assistance helped in replacing both roofs and installing a television that is being used as an educational tool for the students.

Antyodoy Ashram

The onset of AMPHAN caused massive structural damage and destruction to Antyodoy Anath Ashram, an orphanage located in the village of Paunshi, in West Bengal and cut off all access to power and clean water. Your contributions to AfE-A have enabled Antyodoy to replace rooftop solar panels that were blown away by the storm, repair the main water tank and fix broken doors, windows, and toilets.

Additionally, grocery kits and hygiene kits were distributed for over 360 affected families in the village. Thanks to your generous patronage, we continue to provide relief to our project partners and education and AfE-A has been identified as one of the top six non-profits providing COVID-19 relief in India.

Asha for education is a low-overhead, 100% volunteer-driven 501c(3) organization that works on education in India with the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. It has been rated a 4-star charity on Charity Navigator for 7 consecutive years for being a low-overhead, transparent, and accountable organization. Importantly, it means your donation has a big impact on children, teachers, and schools who need our help, support, and motivation. Donate and learn more about us


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