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Fill Out Census 2020

By Sumaiya Malik Poster designed by Amil Malik

By now the Census 2020 must have arrived in a white envelope in your mail. Chances are it is lying on the desk because you have been too pre-occupied with the Coronavirus pandemic. And that is understandable. The virus has really slowed us to a dead stop. But it is vital to fill out the form either in the mail or online as we all benefit if everyone fills it out. The U.S. Census Bureau is bound by law to protect your answers and keep them strictly confidential. The law ensures that your private information is never published and that your answers cannot be used against you by any government agency or court. The results of the 2020 Census will help determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding flow into communities every year for the next decade. That funding shapes many different aspects of every community, no matter the size, no matter the location.

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