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Hanuman New Locations & XD Shows

Hanuman is shattering records across North America, already soaring to an impressive $3.5 million and claiming its spot as the top 6 Telugu grosser of all time! Brace yourselves because it’s on track to cross the phenomenal $4 million mark by the weekend.

In response to overwhelming demand, we’re expanding to more locations nationwide and amping up the experience with XD/RPX/PRIME shows.

Picture this: an auditorium filled with both kids and adults, all captivated by the magic of Hanuman. The climax is nothing short of extraordinary, with the entire audience chanting “Jai Shri Ram.” Goosebumps are practically guaranteed!

Don’t miss out on this sensational experience. Here are the new locations added, along with the premium large format screenings.

Hurry, tickets are vanishing faster than you can say “Hanuman”!

Book now and avoid the last-minute rush. Jai Hanuman! (Courtesy:

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