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Healthy Diet: Nutritionist Explains How You Can Stay Fit This Holiday Season

The festive period is usually when people stray from their normal healthy routines to enjoy time with friends and family. And New Year is the perfect occasion to meet with people, revel and have a jolly good time.

While you are allowed to experience festive joy, it is important to remember that health is precious, too. And that when all the festivities are over, ideally, you should feel your best both mentally as well as physically, as opposed to experiencing various symptoms of digestive issues and other such problems.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares in her audiobook — ‘Eating in the Age of Dieting‘ — available on Audible, some healthy eating habits which can make sure you remain in the pink of health.

* “Dal, rice, roti with paneer sabzi before leaving for the party.”

It is essential to have a full stomach before a night of drinking. The nutritionist states that a “well-fed stomach comes with a brighter face and a happier state of mind. Basically, be ready to drink and dance the moment you arrive”.

* The nutritionist’s mantra to survive a night-out is staying hydrated. “Drink water between your drinks and eat peanuts, paneer, olives, cheese, small stuff with good fats, stay well hydrated and don’t let the alcohol hit you of your beauty or brains,” she says.

* Rujuta also recommends “eating something before you sleep”. “It could be khichdi, biriyani or just bread and butter, but eat.”

* She emphasises that one must “wake up to a glass of water and eat some soaked raisins and one teaspoon of gulkand, as nothing prevents headaches or hangovers like this does. It also helps you cleanse your system”.

* “Eat a wholesome snack before noon. Essentially take your pick but eat something to ease your next day,” she says. (Courtesy:

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