How To Make The CARES Act Part Of Your Financial Plan

For many Americans, the current state of the economy is creating real financial challenges and concerns. However, the federal government’s recently enacted CARES Act is intended to provide some financial relief to families and business owners who may be struggling to manage their finances, using cash disbursements, expanded unemployment benefits, and different loans and tax credits. In addition to reading up on CARES Act programs, experts say there are several ways to make sure you get as much financial support from the bill as possible. Here are three things to think about: • Estimate the value of your economic impact check and plan how you will use the money. The Internal Revenue Service may send up to $1,200 to individual taxpayers and $2,400 to married couples, plus another $500 for each qualifying child. Tools such as The Washington Post’s stimulus check calculator can help you determine the amount you may receive. Then you can decide what to d