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How To Reduce Screen Time

By Anushka, Grade 5

Screens, we use them everyday for various things, but screens can be addicting. Sometimes it is hard to pry yourself off a screen ,so here are some ideas to help. First of all if you can’t get someone off their screen make them do something educational like khan academy.

ing I learned about the internet is never judge a book by it’s cover.

By that I mean look at the website before you let them use it. A good example of this is cool math games.

It sounds like a good educational website. It really is just full of mindless games like pullfrog where you play tetris with a frog. Another reason they might be stuck to their screens is that the “real world” is not interesting to them.

A solution to that is help them find some interests outside of their screen. Then help them discover more about those interests.

For example my brother used to watch videos of turtles all day. We recently went to a pond where we saw turtles.

He had so much fun he didn’t even want to leave! Maybe they are already pursuing their interests on screen. I can relate to this.

I love photography, so I started an account on a photography website called unsplash.

It has been so much fun sharing my work with the public. Screens are addicting, but if you do the right things and find the right websites. You can use them to your advantage.

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