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By Muralidhar Shenoy

It was a proud moment for Indians all around the world when the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced American president Donald Trump to Americans in America. Never dreamt that most powerful person in the world would anticipate endorsement in his own country, from a person whose humble beginning starts from a roadside tea stall in a remote place in Gujrat, India. That is the story of Narendra Modi

addressing 50,000 plus audience in NRG stadium was truly a historic event. It is historic not just because of the largest political crowd, for any foreign delegate in America, but, because the president of America shared the stage with him and took a victory lap with Modi around the stadium after the speech. Amazing job Mr. Modi.

Prime Minister Modi addressed a mammoth gathering of the Indian diaspora at the NRG Stadium in Houston on Sunday, September 22nd 2019. The day started early opening the stadium to attendees at 6 AM, the roads leading to the stadium were full of cars and buses. There was a great deal of security cover around the stadium.

The visitors were screened and checked several times at the entrance of the Stadium. Once inside, the excitement of the crowd was evident. Most of the attendees and volunteers were dressed in traditional Indian clothes in vibrant colors. The program started with a blissful Punjabi Prayer to Guru Nanak. It was followed by dances and songs from the states Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat, Punjab, and fusion of some states. There was also an interesting presentation on the second-Generation Indian Americans born and raised in the United States who grow up with a identify crisis whether they are American or Indian. Should they follow Cheerleading or Bharat Natyam? The entertainment program concluded with a Yoga demonstration and a fusion of Sri Mahatma Gandhi’s Prayer ‘Vaishnava janato…’ and Martin Luther King’s message. Artists and musicians had come from all over the country and overseas. Vishal Patel and Shilpan Shah dressed for Garbha, a traditional dance from the state of Gujarat were excited to participate in the occasion.

Congressmen and Senators from several states were introduced to Prime Minister Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a rousing introduction of President Trump to the Indian Diaspora, calling him a great friend of India and a crusader against Terrorism. President Trump spoke of the strong ties America has with India and the country to Country partnership. He also denounced the ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ that is spreading in the world.

Prime Minister Modi then addressed the gathering in Hindi on the programs that his government has delivered to India spanning ‘Swachata’ (cleanliness), measures to enhance the Ease of Doing business, Infrastructure - Increase in the km of Road built, Dismantling of Article 370 to extend development to the people of the state of Jammu & Kashmir and many other accomplishments in just five years, that had not happened in the last six decades of prior governments since independence. The bonhomie of the two world leaders were evident in the victory lap they took walking around the stadium in a circle holding hands like buddies and waved at a delighted crowd.

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