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By Sumaiya Malik

In a fast-paced info hour U.S. Senate Democratic nominee M.J. Hegar talked about how she is a better choice for Texas. “We need to elect servant leaders. There is a limited amount of diversity in D.C.,” M.J. Hegar said at a fundraiser on September 23, 2020.

“I advocate for human rights,” the United States Air Force veteran, and teacher said when talking about violation of human rights. “The fact that we gutted the State Department has caused a childlike approach to foreign policy by this administration,” she added.

When asked how she would balance interests of her constituents with the corporate world, she said, “I don’t think we need to balance it at all.” “I would pay attention to corrupting influence of wealthy corporate world.

If they are bringing jobs, I’ll have the conversation,” Hegar added. When talking about gun violence and open carry she said, “I was the first person running for office calling for an end to open carry.

It is an assault on by standers. Gun violence is a big threat to Second Amendment. We have responsible gun owners crying for universal background check.”

“Having used weapons of war and being shot with one, I can tell you military weapons of mass casualty should not be sold. When we stopped selling them, violence went down,” Hegar went on while showing support for universal background checks.

Attendees commented about Hegar’s openness and clear thinking. Hegar did not hide her emotions when asked about the death of Supreme Court Justice Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg and its effect on the future.

“It is a gut punch. I am devastated. When the affordable care act comes before Supreme Court, it might be dismantled and that will hit Texas and 2 million Texans will lose health insurance then,” Hegar explained.

“Texas will be left behind in energy jobs because of John Cornyn. We had an oil economic crisis before Covid and lost 60K jobs,” Hegar said. “Texas has the opportunity to be America’s leader in wind and solar energy, and we should use our natural, renewable resources to create jobs here in our state,” Hegar added.

About the pharmaceutical industry, Hegar said, “I am not advocating for artificial price ceiling. We need to make sure Big Pharma companies are fair. If there is no incentive companies will not invest.

I am a capitalist. Once they get reward I am against over expensive life-saving drugs.” Dr. Zarmeena Vendal, one of the hosts of the event, thanked MJ Hegar for her time.

“We want to be part of the fabric. We are passionate and couldn’t be more grateful,” she added.

Dr. Vendal, hosted the event along with Lubna Ashraf, Dr. Nadeem Malik and Amil Malik, Dr. Junaid and Yasmeen Siddiqui, Dr. Yasir and Ambereen Cheema, Adnan and Hawama Sattar. Austin Muslim Democrats also joined the event.

For more information on M.J. Hegar please visit

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