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Recently, few enthusiastic families came together to form an Indian Drumming Group called, ‘Maharashtra Majha Dhol Tasha Pathak-MMDTP’ in November 2018.

Dhol and Tasha are traditional Maharashtrian percussion instruments that are quite popular during Ganesh festival.

MMDTP is the first and one of its kind musical troupe in the city of Austin.

There are over 20 families and over 50 people connected to the group and it is growing. MMDTP is an independent interest group not associated with any social, cultural, religious, political or any other organizations.

The primary goal of the group is to carry forward the rich culture of Maharashtra style Dhol, Tasha, Zanj and Lezim in the North America especially in the vibrant and energetic city of Austin, TX, USA.

As part of this endeavor the group also strive for passing on the tradition of these traditional Maharashtrian instruments to the young generation.

Last but not the least, the group want to have fun and enjoy this spirited team activity with our friends and family.

MMDTP is very keen on getting involved in cross-cultural activities with City of Austin, Travis County and Governor’s office.

MMDTP strongly support local non-profit organizations such as CRY (Children’s Rights and You), ACES (Austin Cultural Educational and Seva Foundation), SEF (Shankara Eye Foundation), HCCA (Hill Country Cricket Association), AMM (Austin Marathi Mandal) and Akshay Patra.

We have had a great start this year, with the following performances:

• July 4th Independence Day Parade @ Circle C Ranch.

• HCCA cricket finals @ Round Rock

• ACES organized ‘India Day’ Independence Day Parade @ Austin Hindu Temple

• CRY (Children’s Rights and You) Cultural Day @ Austin

• Austin Marathi Mandal-AMM Ganesh Festival @ Avery Ranch

• Agni Dance organized Bollywood Day @ Mueller Park.

Please, watch the videos of first performances at YouTube Channel

Please, visit Facebook to watch videos of all past performances and details on upcoming performances .

Please, contact Dr. Jitendra Tate, Coordinator of MMDTP at an email for more details.

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