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Movies Vs Web Series – Understanding The Key Differences

I’m sure every one of you must have watched a web series especially after the imposition of lockdown, there’s no way you haven’t watched one.

Hear us out. Remember watching those episodes of Sacred Games on Netflix, yes it’s a web series. Mirzapur, Pataal Lok, Kota Factory,

The Family Man, etc are among the list of popular web series in India. Apart from the web series on the OTT platforms, you must have also watched many web series on television without ever realizing that they come under the category of web series.

So, what exactly is the difference between a Web Series and regular Movies?

Differences between Web Series and Movies

With the advent of the digital revolution, OTT platforms have become the new medium of entertainment. You can stream web series online across different websites or applications from any digital device like mobile, laptop, or smart TV.

On the other hand, you can watch movies in theatres during their theoretical release, and later you can watch them on television or over the internet.

The platform where web series are released are known as OTT platforms and the platform where movies are released are known as theatres.

The best part about web series is that we can watch them at any time and at any place as many times as we want.

On the other hand, you need to go to theatres to watch a movie and you can only watch it once per ticket.

Web series are released in the form of episodes and each episode has its own time duration and on the other hand, movies aren’t released in the form of episodes and most of the movies don’t exceed the time duration of 2-3 hours.

Web series don’t usually end completely in one season. They are scripted in such a way that it would take multiple seasons to end the series.

When it comes to movies, most of them conclude within the time duration of the film with a few exceptional films like Avengers Infinity War or Baahubali-The Beginning.

The screenplay of a web series needs to be engaging so that viewers don’t skip any part while watching the episode.

On the other hand, movies have a faster and engaging screenplay as the story needs to be concluded in two to three hours.

Web series don’t usually have any songs except for promotions and on the other hand, most Indian movies have multiple songs and the songs are released prior to the film’s release.

Usually web series are rich in content and if the content is poor then people will usually skip it.

When it comes to movies, if there is a star cast then people will watch it anyway.

Web Series usually don’t have strict censorship rules however, films have to follow strict censorship rules.

Web Series are shot under lighting that makes the scenes look surreal whereas, movies have rich cinematic lighting.

Many people are of the misconception that web series will soon take away the popularity of movies but this isn’t true.

Movies were, are, and will always be popular. (Courtesy:

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