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P Susheela Wants AR Rahman To Help Make Her Biopic

Music director AR Rahman has revealed that veteran playback singer P Susheela has expressed her wish of wanting him to make her biopic. Rahman revealed this during a Twitter Spaces session that he was part of on Sunday.

The composer was part of the session to promote his maiden production, 99 Songs, which has now been released on OTT following its theatrical release on April 16 earlier this year.

When the Oscar-winner was asked about the most moving feedback that he has got the film, Rahman said, “I was talking to the great south Indian singer P Susheela ma yesterday (on Saturday), and I asked her if she had watched 99 Songs.

I told her that it is out on Netflix, and she asked me what’s that. Later, her brother, who was with her spoke, to me and I told him to show her the Telugu version of our film on OTT.

After watching, she called back and said, ‘This is very good’. And then she added, ‘I want my story to be made this way, will you help it?

That was epic. She is one of the legends and she has sung like so many thousands of songs and has been there for seven generations.

And she is one of my favourite singers and seeing someone from that generation responding to my film that way was lovely.”

Rahman was joined in this session with the film’s director Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy and the duo shared what went behind the making of this passion project.

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