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Period Films Require Higher Investments Than Regular Movies, Feels Panipat Producer Rohit Shelatkar

Ashutosh Gowariker seems to have a penchant for period dramas. After ‘Jodhaa Akhbar’ and ‘Mohenjo Daro’, his next release is ‘Panipat’.

With the film, he takes the audience back to the 18th century when the Third Battle of Panipat was fought.

Considering the fact that this is a period drama, a lot of importance had to be given to getting the details right.

Apparently, Ashutosh had marked out a big part of the budget for the production design, so that they could come up with visuals that looked authentic.

Reportedly, a team, which was led by production designer Nitin Desai, carried out a lot of research on the kinds of weapons that were used in that era.

They then replicated weapons like shamshers, khanda and gupti for the movie, which has Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon and Sanjay Dutt headlining the cast.

They also consulted historians for the project and created replicas of shields that are called tilwah.

In a recent interview, producer Rohit Shelatkar said that period films require higher investments than regular movies.

And it is important to pay attention to various aspects like make-up, clothes and the props that are used in the battle sequences to lend authenticity to the film.

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