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Remote Christmas

As the cases of COVID-19 are rising, in-person holiday parties are not recommended, but it did not stop Southwestern National Bank to spread the holiday cheer.

The Bank’s annual holiday party was hosted virtually on December 10, 2020.

Directors and employees were able to join the fun remotely. While enjoying the 3-course meal delivered to each director and employee, Chairwoman Dr. Jody Lee, CEO Mark Simmons, and President Mohammed Younus had their holiday greetings virtually to every employee.

Chairwoman Lee and CEO Simmons later joined together and gave out 15th and 20th-year service awards.

15th-year service award recipients are Nancy Chan, Mai Hoang, Joy Langston, Nancy Liu, and Rosa Lu.

20th-year service award recipients are Catherine Liang and Betsy Reese.

It would not be a fun party without raffling off cash prizes and naming the first three winners of the “The Funniest Christmas Cheer” Video Contest.

Directors and employees enjoyed watching the funniest videos and voted for their favorites. The party was filled with joy and laughter. (Member FDIC)

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