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Richard Verma The Former US Ambassador To India - Keynote Speaker At IACT Gala

By Ashwin Ghatalia

Advisory Board Member IACT

As Indian American Coalition of Texas ( IACT) celebrates twin Democracies of India and The USA on 5th February 2022.

Mr. Richard Verma the former US Ambassador to India will be the keynote speaker.

Seventy five years ago people of subcontinent - seventeen percent of the world population - overthrew the yoke of slavery and subjugation and took on the helm of their own destiny.

This event was a catalyst in rapid dismantling of colonialism and exploitation, freeing large number of people from Asia and Africa.

Every citizen now could pursue his/her own path to excellence and happiness with the government accountable to his/her wishes and view points.

Rule of law, guaranteeing the safety and security, opportunity and equity must now become basic tenet and philosophy reflecting ethos of people.

Dr. Ambedkar , chairman of India’s constitutional committee was a graduate of Columbia University and in early days Indian supreme court often referred to US supreme court decision as precedent setting.

These are the shared and binding values between the two nations and hence the celebration of twin democracies

Both the democracies are still work-in-progress, hence the role of IACT is vital for the greater Austin and Central Texas Indian American community.

This organization has relentlessly and pragmatically pursued civic engagement since 2005 with a clear aim of justice and equity for all and to ensure our voice is heard.

Recent turmoil of attack on voting rights, police brutality, institutional discrimination, women’s rights, racial attacks, hate crime and polarization that prevents dialog and consensus and many other issues have made IACT’s role even more critical for our community

Indian -American community constitutes a small percentage of The US as well as Austin/Central Texas population and the weight of our community’s opinion and issues could only be borne through shared concerns and values with other communities

So IACT’s approach is to work with;

whole of South Asian and Asian Communities

Other Minorities and organizations that support minority causes e.g. DACA, Census, immigration etc.

Organizations that support social causes and economic betterment


Develop relationships with City, County and State elected representatives and officials

Volunteer and serve on City Boards and Commissions

Develop Youth and hence future leadership

Support and Encourage Asian Candidates for public office. (Many members already hold public offices and many more plan to run)

Organize Educational Forums such as candidate forums, national, state and county and city organizations

Inform community members on legislative issues, candidate view points

Encourage Voter participation

Recognize leaders who are path breakers and work on betterment of the whole community at-large

So the support of the community is vital for this endeavor. Join the celebrations on 5th February 2022 at AARC.

The information on gala is available on the website

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