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SAIVA Volunteer Spotlight: Hetal Matta

SAIVA Volunteer Spotlight: Hetal Matta

Hetal Matta has lived in Austin for 14 years. Her husband and she have a sweet 8 year old daughter. Both her husband and she work in semiconductor/chip design companies. Other than Yoga and Ayurveda, she loves exploring nature with family. Growing up, she has always been interested in learning the most optimum way to physical and emotional health and wellbeing. After getting settled in my career/profession, her humble yearning/seeking and pull towards spirituality began 15 years ago and she started studying eastern scriptures. She has been practicing yoga and the ayurvedic way of living for the last 12 years.

Since the last 5 years, she has learnt eastern classical yoga and powerful yogic practices from Isha Foundation and Sadhguru and since then my personal practices have been deepened, formalized and established. I simply treasure the yoga and wellness opportunities to volunteer for Isha Foundation, North West Austin community and Saiva community. I continue to evolve as I continue onto this path of service.

Seniors from the Saiva community are an inspiration to all of us, their valuable wisdom comes from real life experiences serving them and their blessings are extremely special. Mahatma Gandhi describes; “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. “Paropakaram Artham Idam Shareeram”- “The body is given for the wellbeing of others.” I am forever grateful to all masters who have dedicated their lives to transmitting the science of classical yoga and eastern classical wisdom. It is only through this grace, I continue to serve be able to perform “Saiva”. Thank you for your service, Hetal! We appreciate you and your teachings you provide. Please contact for participation information.

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