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Indian Classical Music, Mantras, Naad Yoga – Therapeutic Use

By Manasi Joshi-Singh

As the Universe was being formed, it first resounded with the vibration of the primordial sound (naad) “AUM”.

It is to this AUM, that the journey of sound, and profound impact on all beings, can be traced.

Ancient sages, musicologists studied and discovered many wonderful facts about music, and its connection with the human body.

Sound in the human body emanates from the brahmagranthi (deep within the pelvic area) and impacts the 72000 naaDis (channels), as it makes its way upward to be expressed through the lips.

Musicologists discovered healing effects of the seven musical notes “s r g m p d n” upon each of the seven Chakras – energy Centers in the body.

Raag Music is the abstract expression of notes. Different Raags are aligned with the 8-fold samaychakra (24-hour time cycle), as well as the rituchakra (cycle of seasons).

Moreover, Raag music is also found to have a therapeutic impact on the 7 chakras.

This is due to the association with the bio rhythm and environmental rhythm.

Similarly, the 52 letters of Sanskrit (alphabets, vowels) – moolaaksharas, associated with each chakra, when recited, act subtly on that part of the body.

When recited with AUM prefix, they become powerful beeja (seed, which has potential) mantras.

NaadYoga, is a type of Yoga, that delves into connecting (uniting) our personal vibration with the universal vibration.

It uses mantra, raag music, aumkar sadhana to achieve this union.

Some examples of therapeutic effect of music:

• Solar Plexus/Naabhi/MaNipur Chakra is cleansed by Raag Bhimpalasi, Malkauns

• Raag Darbari Kanada is used to relieve stress/headaches/insomnia, Raag Marwa for hypertension, Raag Bhoop for stomach ailments…

• The “THH” utterance in “ViTTHala, ViTTHala” is one of the beejmantras for Heart/Hruday/Anaahat Chakra, so it has healing effect for heart ailments.

Good Music is indeed a doorway to sat-chit-ananda, the divine happiness.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantihi!

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