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Schoolmela is a non-profit organization registered under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3), and dedicated to provide means for education to the underprivileged children in rural India and USA. We are like minded people, friends, and colleagues who started this organization in Central Texas (Austin), USA to extend our services in Rural Education in India, and USA.

What We Do

We believe in “Manava Sevayee, Madhava Seva” (Serving People is the same as Serving God) and “Vidhya Daanamu Maha Daaanam” (Helping childrens’ education is the greatest charity).

We have a student scholarship program (serving all needs of students) in rural India to extend our help to rural families so they can send their children to schools without any difficulties and encourage bright and sincere students.

As part of this program we take care of necessary items like clothes, notebooks, a dictionary, a geometry box, pens, pencils, markers, a backpack, an umbrella, masks, sanitizers, and a clipboard for poverty-stricken students.

We also motivate and improve educational awareness in rural areas through career mentoring. Along with that, we also put on a quiz competition every year to nurture talent among students.

Our Progress

Schoolmela was started in 2009 at Cedar Park, Texas, to prevent rural students from dropping out of school because of economic difficulties. To fight this, we decided to collect money to buy school supplies for needy students. We have been doing this for 13 years now.

So far we have encouraged around 1400 students to pursue their education, and every year we help about 150 more students. We have also adopted 14 schools and have created a positive impact on children in over 300 villages.

Our Goals for 2022-2023

● Continue to support 14 adopted disadvantaged schools

● Support 210 students that need our help to avoid dropping out

● 1 on 1 Students career mentoring

● Complete 3rd Quiz Competition with 60+ schools

● Support underprivileged college graduates

● Facilitate Skill/Talent developing workshops

● Start mentoring students and providing school supplies at local schools in the rural areas of Austin.

We are a small organization, and we are doing a small service but if you have the same ideas as us, we request you to join us in our mission to help poor students get proper education and encourage their careers and support their progress in life.

You can enrich the life of a disadvantaged child with the gift of education! Remember, the long journey is made up of small steps.

According to the latest statistics, there are 1.54 million non-profit organizations working for the communities. Schoolmela is a drop in the vast ocean, but we are still able to create an impact. You can reach us

We are open for feedback to improve our services. We sincerely thank all our volunteers and supporters for their contributions, without their support we couldn’t have come to this point.

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