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Support Asha Austin’s COVID-19 Fundraiser

Asha for Education is a low-overhead, 100% volunteer-driven 501c(3) organization that works on education in India with the belief that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. It has been rated a 4-star charity on Charity Navigator for 7 consecutive years for being a low-overhead, transparent, and accountable organization. Importantly, it means your donation has a big impact on children, teachers, and schools who need our help, support and motivation.

Asha Austin, the local chapter for “Asha for education” dedicated to supporting grassroots educational projects in India. At present, we support 8 educational projects in various parts of India and a Fellowship, to benefit 2000 children and 60 teachers, all focused on special needs and/or alternate education in rural parts of India. We draw volunteers from across the community with the aim of generating awareness and support for our chosen educational projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lock down in effect across India have threatened the livelihoods and well-being of the most vulnerable sections of society in unprecedented ways. Asha Austin is focusing its fundraising efforts toward helping the struggling local communities in which its 8 key educational initiatives and fellowship are based in India.

This fundraiser will benefit both immediate short-term relief efforts of our project partners and also help in meeting our near-term commitments for FY 20-21. Most importantly, our project partners anticipate that their own fundraising efforts will be severely impacted due to this unprecedented crisis which makes this initiative and your valuable contributions all the more critical to enable schools to continue to operate smoothly.

Asha Austin already disbursed over 12,000 USD towards immediate COVID relief of essential foods and amenities for approximately 54 families of one of our projects for special needs children’s families, Samarth-Ganjam and has provided a 10 kilo bag of rice per family for 1034 families (without ration card) from 39 villages through our Fellowship project Siddamma. Asha-Austin requests that you make your tax-deductible donation prior to May 15, 2020. Several companies including Apple, Nvidia, etc. have increased their matching for COVID-19 relief. Please leverage the company match to increase the impact of your donation.



To learn more about Asha-Austin and its projects, please visit

Your Donation Could Support:

COVID-19 Immediate Needs:

$50 - 10kg rice bag for 10 families in Irula tribe (over 1000 families affected)

$100 -

3 months dry ration for an underprivileged family of a child going to Samarth school in Ganjam, Orissa

COVID-19 Near Term Needs :

$30 - Monthly therapy session cost for each special child at KWS (or) Monthly support for a special child at Nethra.

$50 - Monthly food and education and medical support for each special child at Mahru (OR) Monthly teachers salary at Antyodoy.

$75 - Monthly operational cost for one vocational training center for adolescent girls at Kishori Kendra program of Navjyoti.

$85 - Monthly computer-based training cost at each govt. school for Sangamam-Rajatab.

$100 - Monthly salary of an Asha teacher for Sangamam-Rajatalab /ASV for Navjyoti .

$150 - Monthly salary of a teacher at Nethra / Samarth-Ganjam.

$240 - Annual support for each child at GSK-Girirajpura.

$300 - Annual support for each special child at KWS.

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