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Texas Election 2021

State of Texas and cities within Texas will hold election in the year 2021. While no candidates are up for election for State of Texas, Travis County and city of Austin but your vote will still be crucial.

Those who live in other Texas cities, many have candidates as well as city propositions up for election. Details can be found in

Please note:

1) Early Voting Dates Oct 18th -Oct. 29th

2) Final Day of voting 2nd November

Many people have asked that recommendations be provided for the convenience of people to vote but these recommendations are always given with a caveat that one must vote one’s conscience, understanding the impact

A) State Of Texas Constitutional Amendments

Prop 1 Allows Professional Rodeo Charitable Foundation to conduct Charity Raffles - This is similar to other sports organizations like NFL NBA etc.

vote for

Prop 2 Allows Counties to use Tax increment Financing ( TIF) to fund development including road project - currently constitution allows only the cities to raise money through bond

vote for

Prop 3 Prohibits State, county City and any other governmental agency from limiting religious services

This would be true even during Pandemics

As you all know congregations of any kind creates mass infections

Vote Against

Prop 4 Increases minimum qualification for justices on any of courts e.g. Supreme court, court of criminal appeals, and district courts etc. Requires 8 years of experience as lawyers judges etc.

One must ask what is the motivation for this and would it improve jurisprudence?

Vote Your Conscience

Prop 5 Gives the State commission jurisdiction over candidates for judicial office

Investigation would ensue when someone complains about the candidate

Given current polarization I smell danger

Vote Against

Prop 6 Allows residents of Nursing homes or similar institution or individual ability to designate one essential caregiver - a person whose in-person visitation the state cannot restrict.

Vote For

Prop 7 Allows Surviving spouse of a disabled person to receive same property tax freeze

Vote For

Prop 8 Currently spouses of US armed forces personnel killed in action are exempt from property Taxes. This amendment extends benefits to larger number of surviving spouses the change in wording “Killed in action or “fatally injured”

Vote For

City of Austin Propositions

City of Austin Proposition A

separate Article specifically related to this proposition is also being published in this issue . Austin Asian Communities Civic Coalition (AACCC) recommends to

vote against it

City of Austin proposition B

City Council Be authorized to convey or lease 9 acres of Park Land at 2525 S. Lakeshore Drive (Corner of Lakeshore drive and Pleasant Valley Road in East Austin) used as Central Maintenance Complex (CMC) at a bid equal or more than market value in exchange for

a) 48 acres of Lake Front land contiguous to existing city park

b) Cost of construction of New CMC

c) Partial or full funding for the removal of Fiesta Garden’s existing facility

Those who want to do more scrutiny should read Sunday edition of Austin Statesman. Some of the council members felt that language of the bill seem restrictive though the concept is considered to be excellent. The basic question is to see how this proposal is executed

This is one where each person needs to do due diligence before you vote.

My Tendency would be to vote for

Ashwin Ghatalia

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