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EVY's WISH - A short film from Austin team

Updated: Feb 3

Our society mostly ignores the plight of middle-class Asian-Americans who seem to have a good life, but the sad fact is, there are many who are just a paycheck away from homelessness. Single mothers are especially vulnerable due to social stigma, high childcare costs, and pay discrimination. EVY’S WISH explores Asian American nuclear families and motherhood through the eyes of six-year-old Evelyn and her mom, Anna, living in Austin, Texas. Evelyn’s father, a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic raging around them, has recently passed away. This besets Evelyn and her mother with immense grief and financial instability, like many middle-class families in this situation.

The ultimately feel-good drama illustrates moms are a force to be reckoned with - their love binds and molds their children into who they are, says Sanju Jacob, Writer and Producer of Evy’s Wish. Sanju is originally from the southern Indian state of Kerala. As someone who has experienced the loss of a parent at a very young age, “the mom in the story stands for millions who lost their loved ones. But! Love, hope, and compassion still remain in the world, and we need to take care of one another.”

The project is led by a wonderful cast which include Mini Kim, a New York trained Korean American actor who had played lead roles in several NYU Tisch and Feirstein Graduate School short films.

Chloe Dela Cruz is a spunky and vibrant five-year-old girl who loves the camera and to entertain everyone; she is an accomplished actor and model based in Houston. Kimberly Meier and Miles Pena complete the cast list.

Lydia Isnanto serves as Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and Producer of Evy’s Wish. She is a Dreampreneur and an Award-Winning Filmmaker who calls Austin home. She was selected as finalist as well in Cathay Motion Picture, CNN Asia Pacific Screen Awards, The 2nd International Travel Photography by and Creative Video Awards by Mediacorp & The Singapore Media Academy.

Sanju Jacob is the scriptwriter and serves as Script Supervisor and Producer of Evy’s Wish. He is a UXI designer and an independent screenwriter. His work includes several short screenplays which were recognized at film festivals and competitions like Austin Microfilm Festival and Bluecat Screenplay Competition. EVY’S WISH was a finalist in two screenplay competitions - Oniros Film Awards,NY (2022) and New York International Film Awards (2022)

Pati Currie serves as Assistant Director, Producer, Make-Up and Wardrobe of Evy’s Wish continues “It is based on true stories and it rang so true to me because many as well as myself have lost our dear ones during the pandemic. It really intrigued me.” She specializes in customized makeup and has been working in the music and film industry for over 20 years; her portfolio includes several exciting and award-winning projects as well.

For more information and interview regarding Evy’s Wish, please visit or contact Lydia Isnanto, Pati Currie, or Sanju Jacob at the above information.

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