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Watch Arjun Kapoor Cook Shepherd’s Pie With Chef Ranveer Brar

MUMBAI — When it comes to impressing fans and women, Arjun Kapoor has few equals. His versatility quotient is going to surprise fans as he will be seen cooking alongside celebrity chef Ranveer Brar on episode 4 of season 3 of Gobble’s “You Got Chef’d.”

Kapoor, who is seen making shepherd’s pie along with chef Brar, has a funny connection to the dish from his past. During one of his film shoots in London, he was invited by Abhishek Bachchan to watch a Chelsea match at a stadium with him.

The stadium had strict rules, where one was not allowed to wear a jersey in the box, so Arjun covered his jersey by wearing a jacket over it and held on it throughout the match due to which he could not eat.He starved throughout the match and ended up eating the same shepherd’s pie with Bachchan at a plush restaurant after the match. The pie was delicious and became Arjun’s top favorite delicacy. Chef Brar laughed wholeheartedly when he heard this.

Says Kapoor, “Food has always brought immense joy to me and everyone in my family, and I have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by the most lovely women who have not only instilled values but also fed me with the most lip- smacking food. Today, Gobble’s “You Got Chef’d” Season 3 has given me an opportunity to be on the other side of the table by helping unleash the inner chef in me. It has been an absolutely fun ride sharing screen space with chef Ranveer Brar, and I cannot wait for the viewers to watch the episode.”

Since the episode revolves around food flavors from London, the duo will be seen baking the famous pie.

Kapoor highlights football and food as his two weaknesses, and also shares some funny yet memorable experiences he had while on his trip to London.(Courtesy:

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