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Decoding Suriya’s ‘Rolex Entry’ In Vikram

Suriya is often considered as one of the most versatile actors and his fans call him the ‘Mass Maharaj’ down South.

The actor has done some of the most iconic roles such as K Chandru in Jai Bhim and Maara in Soorari Pottru.

With these roles, Suriya has proved that he is capable of pulling off a massy as well as a classy role. But it’s his ‘Rolex Sir entry’ in Vikram, which made him an overnight pan-India sensation and has now become a cult.

I still remember watching Vikram in the theater and when Suriya appeared on screen, the movie hall turned into a stadium and people were shouting on top of their lungs.His appearance was so shocking, that it took me few seconds to realize, “Ohh sh*t! That’s Suriya”. According to me, It was one of the best entry scenes of a villain in a film after O-Ren Ishii’s entry in Kill Bill.

1. The Build-Up Throughout The Film

There are many scenes in the film, where the syndicate members refer to Rolex, and his name is enough to strike fear in their hearts. Even Sandhanam, who was the main villain in Vikram, was afraid of Rolex and that made me think, “Aakhir hai kaun ye Rolex?”. Finally, when Rolex entered the scene, his personality was far more dreadful than I had imagined and that was one of the things that made his entry so iconic.

2. The BGM

Probably one of the best BGMs of 2022, Rolex’s entry scene BGM went viral on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. People have been making reels, dubs and videos on the BGM. The BGM uplifts the scene even more, and amplifies Rolex’s fear among other gang members, what an extraordinary composition by Anirudh!

3. The Cinematography

The scene is a masterclass by Lokesh Kanagarj and if you look at it frame by frame, you could clearly see how Lokesh has showcased us the shifts in power dynamics through different frames. Before the face revelation of Suriya, Lokesh showcases Rolex listening to music on a Marshall speaker (on which, the BGM starts) and consuming drugs, but when one of his henchmen tries to give him a suggestion, Rolex instantly butchers his head and then the camera cuts to the gang members gasping in fear.

The frame then quickly cuts to an extreme close-up shot of Rolex’s face and now his face is exerting full frame, which signifies that he is the higher authority in that situation, whereas all of the gang members are shown in a wide frame. This scene also depicts that Rolex is not up for any suggestions, he just wants results. He also laughs at the severed head and this showcases that he lacks any human emotionality and is a pure evil.

4. The Monologue After His Intro

The blood-soaked head-butchering should have been enough to strike fear in everyone’s heart who was present there. But Rolex wants more, so he goes to one of his henchmen, played by Arjun Das, and asks him to call him Sir…‘Rolex Sir!”. (Courtesy:

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