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On 18th May 2024 IACCT ( Formerly IACT change due to Tax status) now 501 (C) (3)) will hold its gala. Our community’s support for organizational endeavors is crucial -work that spanned 15 years of CIVIC ENGAGEMENT!

American Psychological Association defines CIVIC ENGAGEMENT as collective action by individuals, communities and organizations to identify and address issues of public concern working together in political and non-political action to promote the quality of community - apt description of IACCT’s approach. 2024 may portend massive shift in political wind, it makes it even more critical that voice of our community be heard. The gala is the first step in many activities planned before election 2024 and money collected will finance those activities

Gala Venue - Austin Public Library 701 Cesar Chavez Tx 78701

Start Time - 6:00 PM - 18th May 2024

The gala’s keynote speaker is MS. Sonal Shah CEO Texas Tribune. She also lead White House office of social innovation and civic participation in Obama Administration and was international economist at department of Treasury.

Several elected officials and community leaders will also be present

As usual the program will consist of Meet and Greet, speeches Dinner and entertainment

IACCT Approach for Civic Engagement

1) Collaborate with organizations engaged in different aspect of civic engagement to cover the breadth necessary

2) Collaborate and partner with Asian Organizations

a) shared values and concerns

b) create larger voting block for politicians to pay attention

3) Connect with broadest spectrum of citizenry/organizations including large swath of Indian-American organizations

4) Develop relationship with Elected and other officials at City, County, State and Federal level

As non-partisan group we reach across party lines

5) Support and/or encourage members to seek/seeking public office

6) Develop Future Leadership e.g. ( Paid) Student Internship

7) Volunteer in Boards, Commissions, Taskforces and special community needs e.g. Census

8) Voter Education Through Article, Media based and direct communications, meetings/seminars, candidate forums encouraging voter registration and voting

9) Support public Service Organizations

Ashwin Ghatalia Advisory Board Member IACCT

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