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Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) Joins Forces with The India Center Foundation, Unveils Anu Rangachar As Artistic Director For 2024 Edition

The Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (IFFLA) and The India Center Foundation (ICF) have announced a strategic merger of their assets to collaborate on projects centered around the theme of visual storytelling within the South Asian community.

In conjunction with this merger, IFFLA has revealed that its 22nd edition will take place from June 27-30, 2024, and has welcomed Anu Rangachar as the new Artistic Director.

The collaboration between IFFLA and ICF, already established collaborators, will involve the development of an industry program to incubate and showcase the emerging talents in the South Asian diaspora to studios, funders, and media executives.

Priya Giri Desai, co-founder of ICF, expressed their vision for national-scale impact in supporting emerging creative talent.

“By joining forces with IFFLA, we can bring much-needed resources to support the stories that need to be told in the media. Our stories,” she said.

Christina Marouda, IFFLA Board Chair, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, citing the longstanding collaboration and shared values. “I have no doubt that we can bring even greater impact together,” she stated.

Raoul Bhavnani, President and co-founder of ICF, emphasized the alignment of values and the shared commitment to supporting serious artistry. “I can’t wait to see what comes next,” he added.

As part of the merger, Priya Giri Desai has joined the IFFLA Board of Directors to oversee the funding provided by ICF to the combined venture over several years.

Her expertise in creating South Asian content and extensive network will contribute to the IFFLA industry development program.

The announcement also introduced Anu Rangachar as the new Artistic Director of IFFLA. With a background in international film festivals, film school education in New York City, and experience in film production and distribution, Rangachar is expected to bring valuable insights to the development of exciting programs and partnerships for IFFLA’s future.

Christina Marouda expressed excitement about welcoming Anu to the team and collaborating on meaningful initiatives. (Courtesy:

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