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South Indian Content Shines Big At ‘Cannes’

In a big win for Indian cinema, a Kannada short film called “Sunflowers Were the First Ones to Know” has won a prestigious award at La Cinef.

Even the legendary director SS Rajamouli also poured appreciation on this short film for its win.

At the same time, a Malayalam film titled “All We Imagine As Light” has made history by being the first Indian film in 30 years to qualify for the competition section of the Cannes Film Festival.

“Sunflowers Were the First Ones to Know” showcases the

talent of the Kannada film industry as they made a 15-minute film based on Kannada folklore.

“All We Imagine As Light ” highlights the storytelling skills of Malayalam cinema, though made by a Gujarati director. These films not only represent the diversity and creativity of South Indian cinema but also show how they can create impactful stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.

The success of these films at international events like Cannes demonstrates the growing influence of South Indian cinema on the global stage.

Already we have the likes of Baahubali, KGF, RRR and Pushpa talking big about the commercial success of South cinema on the national stage, now south content is going big on other international platforms too. (Courtesy:

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