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Diabetes 21

Bala Kumar

Independently Published (2023)

ISBN: 979-8857733851

Reviewed by Grace Braun for Reader Views (10/2023)

4* - A Useful Book Providing Straightforward Solutions to Complex Health Problems

“Diabetes 21” by author Bala Kumar is a beneficial read for those with pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or anyone looking to better their health and lose five to ten pounds within 21 days.

This book takes the reader through the necessary steps to understanding the key components of their personal health struggles, giving them solutions to facilitate positive change. In addition, the author provides ample resources such as helpful images and links to engaging websites.

No guessing is left to the reader, as the author even provides a sample routine to ensure “Bala’s Rules” are executed perfectly, allowing for an amazing outcome for the reader.

I have a background in nursing, previously working in a dialysis unit where I cared for many patients with diabetes.

Therefore, I am extremely proud of Bala Kumar for both attempting and writing a book about diabetes, as it is a very important subject to address.

Additionally, in “Diabetes 21” the author details the prevalence of diabetes and its effects on the body, which I find fascinating, and feel is important for others to know.

I commend the author for his simplistic writing style. Although there are some inconsistencies and typos, it is worth noting that the core information is effectively conveyed, and the author is able to explain complicated subjects in a basic way, which will help the reader fully understand the subject matter without confusion.

It is also worth noting there are some repetitive ideas delivered throughout the book that, along with the other issues, could easily be fixed using a

professional editor to enhance the reading experience.

When it comes to the overall message communicated, the author shares his personal journey with diabetes, which I fully appreciated. I feel his openness and willingness to share his medical history added to his credibility as an author and will help readers apply the 21-day program to their own health journeys.

Personally, I related to the narrative as diabetes is very prevalent in my family. Therefore, I will be referring to the resources available in “Diabetes 21” to avoid becoming pre-diabetic.

This book is well-structured and is a beneficial resource for all. I appreciated the additional links and routine provided by the author, and I will be incorporating the health strategies I learned from this book into my daily life, allowing me to prevent diabetes and live a healthier life; all thanks to author Bala Kumar and “Diabetes 21.

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