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Indian-Origin Boy, 12, Makes History As Youngest Graduate Of US School, Set To Attend NYU

Suborno Isaac Bari, 12, is all set to script history as the youngest student to graduate from a Long Island high school next week. Not just that, Bari will also attend New York University (NYU) this fall to study maths and physics. The child prodigy shared about his achievements in a post on Facebook and expressed gratitude towards his parents.

“At 12 years of age, I’m in Grade 12 at Malverne High School. Next month is my graduation.

Today, we had a graduation Rehearsal at Malverne High School.

I will be the first American (from Indian Subcontinent) who will be graduating from High School at 12 years old,” wrote Bari in a Facebook post.

He further shared that he is set to attend New York University (NYU) this fall: “By the way, I already got accepted at New York University (NYU) with a full scholarship to pursue a BS in maths and physics.

It would not have been possible without the hard work of my mom, dad and brother.”

Bari also expressed gratitude towards his father, Rashidul Bari.

“My dad worked for me like a cab driver: every day, he drove me from Malverne High School to Stony Brook University (40 miles) and then from Stony Brook University to NYU (60 miles) and then NYU to home (20 miles).

Even cab driver don’t drive 120 miles everyday. Thank you, dad,” he further said. (Courtesy:

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