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Meet Our Candidate Miss Ashika Ganguli

By Ashwin Ghatalia

Board Member an past President IACCT

On 10th November a significant event occurred . Miss Ashika Ganguli has declared candidacy for Austin City Council District 10 - Election 2024.

She comes with broad experience in public policy both from having a Masters Degree in public policy and also having worked as legislative director for Texas State Representative John Bucy - Texas State Representative District 136 . This district covers Pflugerville, Round Rock and North Austin.

Miss Ganguli has been a teacher for five years before she joined representative John Bucy’s office. Her experience both as a teacher and legislative experience will make her a very competent city council member with deep awareness for issues that face Austin Round Rock MSA

She will bring a lot of energy and ideas to our city council, and indeed she represents our Indian American community’s young, energetic imaginative and dedicated member who is committed to wellness of our entire Austin community in general and Austin District 10 in particular.

I hope entire community will mobilize to support her in helping her fulfill her deep passion for public policy.

It is wonderful to see activism among our.

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