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In the beginning of August, SAIVA got to participate in IBM’s Take your Child to Work Day.

Volunteers from the nonprofit organization SAIVA gathered to collaborate with volunteers from IBM on an ongoing volunteer project the SAIVA seniors have been working on that is organized by Dipty Desai and her team.

They make dolls from simple fabric and cotton stuffing to give to patients at Dell Children’s Hospital.

Janani, helped organize this event so that IBM volunteers could also contribute to the project along with the SAIVA seniors and we are so appreciative of it.

SAIVA believes that intergenerational activities, such as this, helps foster growth in both younger generations and older.

By interacting and working together on a common goal, they learn about each others cultures and customs and developing a wider world view.

In this event many people of all ages gathered together to make the dolls.

There were even some children who sat down to learn from the seniors how to make the dolls.

Everyone enjoyed the event together and put forth their effort to make the dolls.

It was beautiful to see how fast the kids bonded with the seniors and what hugs and smiles were exchanged while giving back.

After putting in their hard work, the volunteers snacked on Kathi rolls and other delicious Indian snacks graciously brought by our volunteers.

We thank everyone involved in making this event a success and hope to have more events like this in the future.

We’d like to thank the organizers for putting together the venue so that we could enjoy this event.

We thank our volunteers for the amazing job they are doing to help out.

We’d especially like to thank all our volunteer and employed drivers for doing a very great and important job in getting our seniors to and from the IBM campus.

SAIVA is always looking to collaborate with other volunteer organizations and looking for volunteers.

If you are interested in bringing this program to your campus or if you or anyone you know enjoys working as a team to help the elderly make the best of their lives, please email us at

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